For Your Information


Our Membership Department, led by JD Foster ( will begin to scan and email the Transmittal Yellows and Greens back to Departments and Detachments.

One challenge we will face is having the correct Paymaster (or even Commandant’s) email address. It would be logical for the position to have a permanent email address like: and it would be passed on to each Paymaster.

Communication with JD on this is important. If you could have your Paymaster send his contact information and title to JD, it will help the process as we move forward.

If a Paymaster does not have an email, they should get one, or use the Detachment Commandant’s email. The key is improved communications.

Member pins will still be mailed to the Detachment.

Bob Borka, COO/HQMCL

November 1, 2018

M4L Information

It’s that time to get your Department and Detachment M4L contact info out to our Division Representative. Most of you know Moose. He has been ccd in this email as well as Dave Ossian the National M4L Liaison. Some of you may have sent this list to me already but I need you to send it to Moose. As we talked about at the Department conventions, this job should go to the Jr Vices. Most should do a great job but be watchful to make sure we are following through with Marine contacts handed down the Chain. There is a list of veteran services and contacts you should know in your area so if asked you can get a Marine where he/she needs to go.

Moose will now be your contact for the division. I sit on the National committee so I could help as well.

Semper Fi!

TJ Morgan, NVC NWDiv

October 17, 2018