Detachment #1481 honors its namesake

Detachment #1481 was named in honor of George C Leber.  

On June 6, 2024, the detachment along with Leber’s two sons, Junior Past Commandant of #1481, Richard “Bear“ Leber and his brother Don Leber were able to honor his service to our country and recognize him as a veteran of the United States Marine Corps by permanently placing an Eagle, Globe & Anchor and a George C Leber Detachment #1481 challenge coin on his headstone.

We would like to thank the Emerald Empire, Marine Corps League Detachment #917 for joining us to honor this highly decorated Marine.

(Top Left and Top Center) Junior Past Commandant Richard “Bear” and Don Leber at their father’s gravesite. (Top Right) Junior Past Commandant Richard “Bear” Leber. (Bottom Right) Commandant Bulldog Sump, Senior Vice Commandant Kevin Sweden, Junior Past Commandant “Bear” Leber, Don Leber [Detachment #917], Junior Vice Commandant Paul Grinde, Senior Vice Commandant & Junior Past Department of Oregon Commandant Stephen S. Price, and Paymaster Lois Price.

MCL works with Gary Sinise Foundation to present a Forever Home

Three Oregon Marine Corps League Detachments, the George C Leber #1481, Santiam #374 and, Emerald Empire #917 , represented the Department at the Gary Sinise Foundation Home Dedication ceremony for Navy veteran Joshua Geddis. Geddis and his family were presented a new “forever home” that was designed especially for his injuries.

Joshua Geddis always remembers wanting to join the military, and one day, after a call from the Navy recruiter, he signed right up. Joshua joked, “It must have been one of the easiest recruitments he had in a while.” Following Basic Training and school, Joshua was stationed in Gulfport, MS. He made three deployments to Japan/Indonesia, Iraq, and the Philippines before transferring to Oak Harbor, WA, where he made his last two deployments to East Africa. 

On January 16, 2017, while upgrading the securities of the Forward Operating Base, one of the barriers became unstable and fell on top of Joshua, crushing him with 4,500 pounds of weight. Although he was quickly unpinned, due to the extreme mass, his L1 burst causing Joshua to lose feeling below his waist, leaving him paraplegic. 

Joshua’s road to recovery wasn’t easy, but his spirits remained unwavering. His mentality is, “Can’t be sad, that won’t help. Being mad at yourself for something you cannot control doesn’t help anybody.” And so, he continued to thrive as best he could with his new norm. 

Joshua looks forward to everything a Gary Sinise Foundation specially adapted, smart-technology home will bring him. It will empower him at home, easing his way of life. Joshua said, “I just want to be comfortable in my daily life and being here makes it harder. It’s simply things that people don’t think about that really make a difference in a house. Having roll under sinks, a work area in the kitchen, more than one door to get in and out of the house, being able to get into the kids’ rooms (just to see if it is really clean), and a garbage disposal switch I could reach would make things so much easier and improve life.”

Join Bulldog in Helping a Navy Veteran — UPDATED

“Participation in this campaign is an individual’s decision. In no way does it reflect an endorsement by the Department.”

UPDATE: We raised enough money to start the roof repair May 22 and finished the project May 25. We must raise $3,500 to pay off the balance, please help me.

Hi, my name is Bulldog Sump. I am the current Commandant of the Marine Corps League 1481, Lincoln County, Oregon. I am raising funds for a Navy Vietnam veteran who is in desperate need of roof repairs on his home. This veteran has never asked for anything in return for his dedication to fellow veterans. He and his wife dedicate their lives every day to the American Legion Riders and provide multiple flags for veterans’ burials every day without any questions or asking for any money for the flags.

I have located and found a fellow Marine veteran brother who is going to do the repair work for half the price. Joling, LLC construction in Albany, Oregon, will be handling the repairs. Please help me put a new roof on this veteran’s house. Semper Fi.

George C. Leber named Detachment of the Year

George C. Leber Detachment Commandant William “Bulldog” Sump (R) accepts Detachment of the Year Award from Oregon Department Commandant Benjamin Quen.

George C. Leber Detachment #1481 was named Detachment of the Year at the Department of Oregon Summer Convention.

The Detachment participated in a diversity of activities that benefited the local community while promoting the Marine Corps League. At the 2023 National Convention, the Detachment received the National 2d Place Membership Award for achieving 316.67 percent in membership growth. Additionally, in 2023, the Detachment stood up a new Military Order of Devil Dogs Pound.

Lou Neubecker named Marine of the Year

Lou Neubecker named Marine of the Year by Oregon Department Commandant Benjamin Quenn.

For the past 10 years, Lou Neubecker has served as the commandant of the Daniel E. Crockett Detachment, and for the past five the Toys for Tots Coordinator, has run the Welcome Home Veterans program at the Lums Auto Center and hosted the annual Marine Corps birthday celebrations.

During the July 4th festivities, he barbeques hot dogs at the Detachment’s annual fund raiser and raises thousands more dollars for the Detachment through their annual raffles. He is also involved with the community’s veterans organizations, where he strives to promote the Marine Corps League.

Lou has been the Detachment’s top recruiter for the last six years, bringing in nine new members.

He also serves as the Department’s Adjutant and the Detachment’s Paymaster for several years.

Gary Brannan receives Distinguished Citizen Bronze Award

Gary Brannan receives Distinguished Citizen Award from USS Oregon Detachment Commandant Bill Allen.

Gary C. Brannan’s, USS Oregon Detachment, unparallel service was honored with the Distinguished Citizen Bronze Award. Gary represents the League on the 1st Marine Division Honor Guard and performed 198 funerals over the past 12 months. He also the current Vice President of the Marine Corps Coordinating Council and presents the USMC Officer’s Sword to the top Oregon State University NROTC/MIDN Marine graduate. Gary is also passionate and active in the Toys for Tots campaign. In the Portland metro area, Gary is known as the “Marine About Town.”

Andre Wood receives Individual Meritorious Commendation

Department Commandant Benjamin Quen (L) presents Andre Wood with an Individual Meritorious Commendation.

Andre C. Wood has been a stalwart of the USS Oregon Detachment since his transfer from the Rogue Valley Detachment. He runs the Detachment’s bottle/can account, flag drop, Detachment picnic all while serving as the Jr. Vice Commandant for both the Department and the Detachment.