Pack of Oregon

Military Order of the Devil Dogs

2020 MODD Map

Pack Officers


Pack Leader

PDD Sterling Repass

Pack Senior Vice

PDD Eric Chandler

Pack Junior Vice

PDD Bill Allen

Pack Smart Dog

PDD Patricia Oliver

Pack Dog Robber

DD Benjamin Quen

Pack Dog Trainer

DD Benjamin Quen

Pack Mad Dog

DD Robert Cusick

Pack Police Dog

DD Sarah Callen

Pack Watch Dog

DD Frank Morello

Pack Barking Dog

PDD Rod Schill

Pound Keepers


Pound 104

Webfoot, Portland

PDD Bill Allen

Pound 218

Coos-Curry, Coquille

PDD David Romanski

Pound 223

Oregon Trail, Medford

PDD Loren Otto

Pound 315

Umpqua Valley, Roseburg

DD Bob Cusick

Not available at this time.

Pound 390

Leatherneck Dogs

PDD Rod Schill