Oregon completes successful T4T campaign

It was a record year for the 2023 Oregon Toys for Tots Campaign.

With the help of the Oregon MCL detachments, Oregon increased the number of toys donated by more than 27,000 toys.

The state’s 10 Detachments helped collect 176,109 toys, supporting 85,963 children.

Nationally, in 2023, the Marine Toys for Tots organization achieved a remarkable milestone by distributing nearly 25 million toys, books, and other gifts to over 10 million children in need.

This record-breaking effort represents the largest number of donations in the organization’s 77-year history. While the holiday season has traditionally been the driving force behind Toys for Tots, the organization has expanded its impact to provide support year-round. These toys and items are donated to children in financially disadvantaged situations and households across the United States. The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation continues to be a strong force for good, ensuring that children growing up in poverty receive the care and support they deserve. To learn more about this impactful program or get involved, visit the Toys for Tots website

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